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Smog Checks and Emissions Chico, CA

We know that feeling when you open your mailbox and see a letter from the DMV saying it’s time for your smog check. It can be a headache, not only to have to pay the extra fees, but find a certified SMOG check station, and the added stress of hoping your vehicle will pass the test.

But, we have to remember that smog checks are for the greater good of our community, ensuring that your vehicle isn’t releasing harmful toxins and pollutants into the air.

Certified Smog Check Stations in Chico, CA

At Auto Doctor, we have experienced, certified technicians that will perform your inspection and let you know if anything is amiss with your car. This process ensures that your vehicle is emitting California’s allowable amounts of carbon monoxides and hydrocarbons into the atmosphere.


The smog check consists of two parts: a visual test (black smoke coming from your exhaust) and functional test that happens after the emissions test.

When is it time For A Smog Test?

There are really only two times when you need to worry about having a recent SMOG test performing. When you received your letter from the DMV, stating it’s time to renew your registration and a SMOG test is also mandatory. The second one, which many people aren’t aware of, is when you sell your vehicle. A recent SMOG check is required to ensure the vehicle is functioning to the best of its ability.

All in all, SMOG checks, even though they may seem like a tedious task, exist to keep the air we breathe safer, keep the environment cleaner, and ensure that your vehicle is burning fuel efficiently.

If for some reason your car does not pass a SMOG check, our technicians will be happy to build a customized, cost-effective service plan to fit your needs and get your car to a passing status.

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