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Brake Repair Chico CA

If you ever have any concerns about the performance of your braking system while driving, it’s never a bad idea to have your system checked. Brakes are the foundation of the safety of a vehicle, and usually an impending need for repair is easy to identify. Trust your gut. If you are unsure what kind of servicing your brakes may need, stop by Auto Doctor and one of our specialists can assist you and give your braking system a thorough inspection and diagnosis.

Suspension and Brakes in Chico, CA

Most people are unaware of all of the components that work together to keep a vehicle performing properly and safely. For example, the suspension and braking system work hand-in-hand, so if one is not working properly it can affect the other. A worn suspension can affect the braking distance, as well as the way your car handles at high speeds, ride comfort, and cause tire wear.


Worn brake pads can cause delayed braking time, as well and ultimately warp your rotors, which can cause a more costly repair. Brakes that need replacement are usually easy to identify, as they generally start squeaking and squealing. Once you hear this noise, you should take your car in immediately, so the aforementioned rotors aren’t ruined.

The recommended time frame for brake servicing is once a year. When having your annual brake servicing, it’s a good idea to have your brake fluid flushed. Moisture and particles can collect in the fluid lines and cause corrosion and rust, causing unnecessary wear. The time frames can differ slightly based on the make and model of your vehicle so it’s always suggested to go with the manufacturer’s servicing recommendation.

If you have any concerns and are unable to find the information you need on your own, don’t hesitate to stop by or contact Auto Doctor and one of our knowledgeable technicians can assist you.

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